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Upcoming Workshops

Hello Folks! Part of why I started a website is to keep you all up to date on my planned workshops and other events coming up. In that spirit, I thought I'd give you some news and notes on what I have going on so far this summer.

Community Building Art Works.

The monthly poetry workshop with Cohen Veterans Network and CBAW is scheduled for Tuesday, June 28th and Tuesday, July 26th at 12:00 EST. These workshops typically last an hour, move at a pretty fast pace, and are extremely low-pressure, low-key events.

The amazing Amelia Bane, who usually teaches the other Cohen Veterans Network monthly workshop, is taking some time off in June and July, which means I'll be picking up her Tuesday workshops on June 14th and July 12th. I'm going to run these as poetry workshops, as I won't be able to do Amelia-level quality comedy writing, but we'll have a great time and I hope to see you there!

In addition, I'm also hosting a writing workshop for Healthcare Workers with CBAW on June 21st at 7 p.m. EST. This one requires a separate registration from CBAW's recurring link, so go to to register if you're interested.

Warrior Writers.

For two months in a row, I've co-facilitated a writing workshop for veteran family members with Sarah Haak, one of the smartest and most amazing humans I know.

She's travelling this month, so the Warrior Writers workshop is on hiatus until we figure out what July and beyond looks like. We've loved facilitating this group, though and you can look forward to it returning in some form in the future.

I've updated the website with dates and links, so feel free to check out upcoming events and register. If you need help finding something, or want to reach out with ideas for a workshop or event, my email is and I look forward to hearing from you!

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